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On Check Out there will be a Notes Section, please indicate how you would like your donation assigned.  We have two categories:

  • Conditional - Tagged for a specific purpose and to be returned if unable to be used for that purpose
  • Unconditional - Can be requested to be used for a specific purpose but the Trust can decide how the donation is best used

Thank you for your support!


To keep costs down and ensure 100% of donations are returned to the community we use a two step donation process.

The first step is the "order" which provides us with the information we need to know about who you are, where to provide the tax receipt at the end of the year, allows you to place any special notes about the donation purpose, and how to contact you with any questions.

Please put any request about how you would like us to apply your donation in the "Additional Delivery Notes" under the delivery section of the Checkout Page.

The second step is paying the donation into our Trust bank account. The order will generate an email to you that includes details of the Trust's bank account number and a reference number.
Please use the reference number when making your donation deposit via electronic banking.

This process avoids additional bank and processing fees.

If you set up a regular payment in your online banking simply use the original reference number and email the Trust to let us know.

Please note that there may be timing considerations for issuing tax receipts for Conditional donations.

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