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No donations are withheld for operating expenses
We plan to use 100% of all donations for the intended purpose. All operating costs are covered separately and no donated funds are withheld to meet operating expenses.

Donations can be tagged for specific purposes
Donations are able to tagged for specific purposes and if requested are able to be returned if unable to be used for that specific purpose.  For example:

  • Conditional - Tagged for a specific purpose and to be returned if unable to be used for that purpose

  • Unconditional - Can be requested to be used for a specific purpose but the Trust can decide how the donation is best used​

We believe this allows communities to donate and aggregate funds for needs in their communities. We will endeavour to respect the wishes of donors where ever possible.

Note: Where donations are requested to be refunded if not able to be used for a specific purpose are held over the end of a tax year (31 March) we may need to discuss options as this will compromise the issuing of tax receipts.

Communication and Transparency
We intend to communicate back to donors either via the website or directly on the way their donations were used. 

We will operate a fully transparent process and will endeavour to answer any questions promptly and openly, while respecting New Zealand privacy laws and any specific privacy requests from donors or requestors.

We would appreciate a brief statement from requestors on the use of funds against the intended purpose, and agreement to publicise that on our website.

Tax Receipts
Each donor will receive a consolidated tax receipt after the end of the tax year (31 March). It is important that donors provide name and contact information for us to issue the receipt. 

On-demand funding cycle
We will review and process requests for funding as they arrive, and there are no time bound windows to apply for funding. We intend to process all requests with two weeks of receipt.

Discussions on ideas
We welcome discussions over ideas as to how the Trust structure can assist communities increase participation in physical activities. We are willing to engage in discussions of how to address participation challenges and aggregate funding from multiple sources to achieve outcomes.

What we fund
Funding decisions will be driven by community needs supported by clearly articulated objectives and commitment to use the funds for the purposes intended. In that regard we are flexible and open as to what funds are used for as long as they support the underlying trust objectives and the wishes of donors.


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